The Dock Internet Quiz!
Week of September 12th 2021

Question 1: Who was Corrie Ten Boom?
A special fire cracker.
A watchmaker who lived in the Netherlands during World War II.
A person who made jewelry.

Question 2: What did Corrie Ten Boom and her family do during Wolrd War II?
Made watches and gave them to the germans.
Sang songs in their kitchen.
They hide Jews in thier home.

Question 3: What did hiding Jews cost Corrie and her family?
About 15 dollars.
A lot of money to make the secret room.
Corrie lost her entire family.

Question 4 What was the result of Corrie and her family obeying Jesus?
The Germans lost the war.
Many people became Chrsitians.
Correi learned a new recipe in prison camp.